“Avery’s Leaves” Notecard


Sold separately, or as one in a set of 6 in Series 1, Nature’s Beauty

Through the years, Lin has always loved to watch the leaves change. Fall is the most beautiful time of year, and she find the colors exciting and worth noticing and celebrating.

When her kids were young, she would remind them to “Look at the Leaves” as they traveled back and forth in their daily activities. She would often stop the car to be sure everyone noticed the leaves (which was embarrassing to her kids if their friends were around). Lin says, “Even to this day, I am amazed at the colors of nature, especially in the Fall”.

In 2013, she was grieving her father’s death and felt that she had to “paint her way out of it”. That October she painted something for everyone in her family that reminded her of them. This was an exercise that resulted in being able to finally do a portrait of her father for her mother.

The painting here is called Avery’s Leaves because Lin’s son, Avery, shares her love for leaves and fall colors.


“Avery’s Leaves” is a Believe You Can Media Notecard based on an original mixed media painting by Lin Johnson.

5×7 notecard – vertical fold

Blank inside

Blank white envelopes included

Sold separately or in a set of 6 in Lin’s Series 1, Nature’s Beauty notecards. Order set here.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × .0625 in


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