“Purple Reflections” Notecard


Sold separately, or as one in a set of 8 in Series 2, Nature’s Delight

This painting called “Purple Reflections” was painted while sitting on the beach near Apache Pier. The activity of the water and the reflections cast by the complex grid of pier supports were extremely interesting. Painting while on the beach with watercolors is difficult because paint dries quickly, and the wind blows sand everywhere. You have to work fast. It is very satisfying to capture a moment like this trying to beat the heat, and hold the wind off for a few minutes. It was just plain fun!

Have some fun today!


“Purple Reflections” is a Believe You Can Media Notecard based on a watercolor painting by Lin Johnson.

7×5 notecard – vertical fold

Blank inside

Blank white envelopes included

Sold separately or in a set of 8 in Lin’s Series 2, Nature’s Delight notecards. Order set here.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 6 × 9 × 0.625 in


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