“Still Water” Notecard


Sold separately, or as one in a set of 6 in Series 1, Nature’s Beauty

When Lin was in college, she took her camera with her everywhere to capture subject matter in nature. As an art student, she often trampled through the woods to find streams and rivers with her portfolio and painting supplies in hand. She would paint or draw on site.

This watercolor was painted from a photo she took along the East River between Oakvale and Kelleysville, West Virginia. There was a railroad track running around a bend on the side of a mountain above where this photo was taken. While she was taking pictures, a train came, and she actually had to hang onto a tree to wait for it to go by. It struck Lin how loud it was, and how close to danger she was while right below her the water was still and calm.


“Still Water” is a Believe You Can Media Notecard based on an original watercolor painting by Lin Johnson.

7×5 notecard – horizontal fold

Blank inside

Blank white envelopes included

Sold separately or in a set of 6 in Lin’s Series 1, Nature’s Beauty notecards. Order set here.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × .0625 in


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