“Summer Retreat” Notecard


Sold separately, or as one in a set of 6 in Series 1, Nature’s Beauty

In 1992, while expecting her daughter, Lin went on vacation and painted this picture. The peaceful home-like setting with the sun shining through lush greenery really spoke to her.

Lin’s husband, Terry, loves flowers and always surrounds their home with outdoor beauty.

This moment represents a peaceful expectation of a “Summer Retreat” and the comfort of home.


“Summer Retreat” is a Believe You Can Media Notecard based on a watercolor painting by Lin Johnson.

5×7 notecard – vertical fold

Blank inside

Blank white envelopes included

Sold separately or in a set of 6 in Lin’s Series 1, Nature’s Beauty notecards. Order set here.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × .0625 in


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