St. John’s Lutheran Church “The Fruits of the Spirit” Notecard Fundraiser Series


The Fruits of the Spirit card series was created from actual large hanging banners that adorn the sanctuary of St. John’s Lutheran Church & School in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The banners represent: Joy, Patience, Faithfulness, Love, Kindness, Gentleness, Peace, Goodness, and Self-Control. These banners were designed as a result of a spiritual journey Lin Johnson experienced in 2018. The front of each card depicts the banner graphic with a list of the Fruits of the Spirit. The back of each card provides an explanation of the thought process for creating each graphic and provides the scriptures that are reflected on each banner.

All proceeds of the sale of these cards go directly to St. John’s Lutheran Church & School.

Cards are not sold individually – only sold as a set.



The sun as it lights up the sky illustrates the light that pierces through the darkness – good over evil. The rays of the sun as they beam out into the world represent the joy God fills us with and the joy we can spread. The grass in the breeze below shows the dance of everyday life. Yellow, of course, makes us think happy thoughts. Be joyful in the Lord.

The lotus flower, as it unfolds, represents a spiritual awakening. As it grows it shows patience and endurance as it flourishes and flowers – even under the most unfavorable circumstances. The butterfly speaks to change and transformation as we become what God intended. God teaches us to be patient and wait on His perfect timing.

The art of water and ripples illustrates God’s faithfulness through Baptism and Christ’s continual presence and care throughout our lives. Let your faith be greater than your fear.

The white calla lilies illustrate purity and innocence. Often calla lilies bloom around Easter when we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus – thus the reason for adding Father, Son and Holy Spirit to the flowers. We are told to love one another.

The art of the open hands reminds us that we are to show kindness, care and concern to those in need and to forgive each other, just as God provides for and forgives us. We will never regret being kind and forgiving.

The lamb stands for gentleness, sweetness, innocence, youth, and purity. The shepherd’s staff represents gentle guidance and leadership. Gentleness is strength.

The dove and the olive branch are the traditional symbols of care, devotion, purity, and peace. In His Peace, Amen.

The art of candle and its glow represent God’s goodness to us and His light that shines through us as we spread the Gospel to others. It also is reminiscent of the song the children sing “This Little Light of Mine.” God is good, all the time.

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